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Welcome to VaporGeisha.com!  This site is designed to inspire and to introduce to you (fellow future non-smoker and veteran vapers alike) not only why you should make the transition to electronic cigarette “vaping,” but also show you how “e-cigs” are one of the newest and most innovative trends on the market today.

For those of us that are criticized or scrutinized and shrouded by the stigma of smoking, looking for a cheaper alternative may be well overdue.  By switching to electronic cigarettes, or personal vaporizers, you are still continuing to get your nicotine but without the tar and thousands of other harmful chemicals.

Like most of us, many love the convenience factor.  Not only are they extremely affordable, easy to use, and accessible as well, one has the freedom to smoke virtually almost anywhere in comparison to traditional cigarettes.  The water vapor that is emitted from an e-cig device is non-intrusive and actually in most cases, smells quite nice.   Mmm… Shnozzberries?

So if you are looking for an inexpensive and healthier alternative to smoking, OR you miss being able to smoke almost everywhere and almost anytime you felt like it, OR maybe you just want one because so-and-so has one and it LOOKS SUPER COOL, than an electronic cigarette might be the  solution for you :)


Legal Disclaimer:  You must be at least the age of 18/21 (depending on individual state laws regarding access to adult subject matter) to purchase ANY e-cigs or e-cig related products.  We do not condone the selling or advertising to underage persons.  And please… Vape responsibly.  Happy vaping!


Choosing the right eCig for you


Maybe you remember this, maybe you don’t, but I doubt that the first cigarette you ever smoked is the same brand that you smoke now. It took some time to find out if you preferred menthol or non-menthol, whether a big name brand tasted better than a generic brand, or even a boutique brand.
Much like your first forays into smoking, expect there to be some experimentation with vaping (the preferred term for using an electronic cigarette, also known as a personal vaporizer, and a few other terms).
There are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many different types of devices, heating elements, liquids, tips, tricks, shenanigans, etc., that it takes some time to find out what works best for you.
In an effort to help whittle it down, take some of that deer-in-the-headlights look out of your eyes, and get you started down this life changing path, here are some beginner tips.
First off, don’t go for the biggest, shiniest, most eye catching thing you find. How much you smoke and what you smoke does initially affect what type of device you should go get.


Light Smokers:

For light smokers, and I mean the folks who smoke maybe 3 cigarettes a day but still say they smoke WAAAAAAYYYYYY TOO MUCH I would suggest that you actually go out and find the smallest devices you can. There used to be a model that was huge when ecigs first came out, known by the experienced as an L88b. These guys have nearly the same dimensions as an actual cigarette. Usually the liquid was delivered in what we call a cartomizer-
Cartomizer: Half cartridge (from the prehistoric days of vaping when liquid would be added to a little bit of fluff and stuffed in a cartridge that you would jab on your ecig), and half atomizer (the part that would actually vaporize the liquid and are still used by a few hardcore drippers today).

-and was more than adequate for the lighter smoker. These devices were lightweight, and many kits offered a couple batters and a PCC (Personal Charging Case) to recharge your batteries throughout the day. These were the simplest of devices to use…simply screw the atomizer on to the battery and vape till either the battery or the carto (short for cartomizer) was dead. Toss the carto and put on a fresh one, or recharge the battery. There were no buttons, so actually drawing on the device activated it.
Alas, most smokers have so few cigarettes a day. For a pack a day smoker, an L88b style battery might last them 20 minutes of actual usage, and the cartomizer would also last about as long. On average, these batteries take about 45 minutes to charge and the PCC, which some companies made look like a box of cigarettes, would usually have enough power to charge a battery 6 times before the PCC needed to be recharged.


Medium Smokers:
So we move on to the heavier smokers, around a half a pack a day. If you fall into this category then a 510 style device works for you. Imagine a 100s length cigarette and you’ll pretty much have the size of the device. These guys are still around and can even be found at many chain style convenience stores. Since the battery is bigger the vaping lasts longer…about ½ an hour for a pack a day smoker. Kits for them still come with a PCC and in a lot of places you can find pre-filled cartomizers, but now you also have the chance to try out dripping in an atomizer, or the great taste of using a CE4 style cartomizer, or the convenience of a tankomizer, or….

Yeah, there are more options. These devices offer simplicity and the chance to experiment with some more of the big kid toys. On average, a PCC for these can usually charge a battery 4-5 times before needing to recharge the PCC.
Moving on…


Heavy Smokers:
We now get into our ¾ – ½ a pack a day smokers.  For you, even though you might be more comfortable with the size and appearance of an L88b or a 510 style device, the plain fact of the matter is they won’t cut it for you. Odds are in favor of the house that you will drain both batteries before you are ready for your next fix, or you drain both batteries and the PCC, and you still have another 6 hours before you can recharge them. In the first couple of weeks this would have most smokers running to the nearest store to buy a pack full of guilt and self-loathing.

For you, I highly recommend an ego style device. These come in various sizes, all of which are measured by battery capacity known as milliamp hours (mahs) and help determine what fits best for you. Normal ranges are around 600 mahs, which on average lasts about 4 hours of constant use, and 1000 mahs, which roughly brings you up to 8 hours of constant use. Now you have even more options on how you want to vape your liquid. All the items that worked on the L88b and the 510 are at your command, but now you can also use the latest craze, DCTs or Dual Coil Tanks. These hold anywhere from 3ml to 7ml, sometimes more, of liquid, and come in a plethora of colors, shapes, and materials.
This is starting to look like a serious vaping rig now.
Because of the battery size, ego style devices don’t come with a charging pack of any type.


Ultra Heavy Smokers:
What was that? Did I hear cries for help from the TRULY heavy smokers? The people that smoke a pack and a half or more a day? Well, this is actually where things get tricky. To really satisfy your needs you need to step into the world of mods.

These aren’t generally the best devices for beginners. Most people don’t go from not knowing how to ride a bicycle to riding a motorcycle right away, and it’s a bit like that. There are so many different types of mods and even then there are so many variations on what each mod does…mechanical mods, electrical mods, electrical mods that offer variable voltage, electrical mods that offer variable wattage, electrical mods that offer both variable voltage and wattage, mechanical mods that have a tank built into it so that you can’t use any other type of heating element….and I haven’t even gotten into all the different batteries that power these devices.
Don’t despair, you chain-smoking people you. Here is my best advice. Start off with one of the cheaper devices I’ve mentioned already, just to get your toes wet. Mods aren’t all expensive but for the units themselves – which means no battery, no heating element, no battery, no battery charger – prices can run as low as $40 to as high as $400 dollars. Start slow and find flavors and liquids and heating elements that work for you and keep studying until you feel comfortable jumping in to the deep end.The Tesla available at VaporAlley
Nope, you don’t want to wait. You want to dive right in, even though I just told you there be sharks in them waters…
Its okay. Here are some things to know. Look for companies that provide good instructions on how to use the mods they sell (unless you’ve found some really good youtube videos), and drop the extra coin on purchasing the whole kit. These batteries aren’t your normal double-A bunnies. These are re-chargeable, high-drain, lithium-ion batteries that SWAT and special forces guys like to use in their high intensity flash lights that can work at submarine depths. You need to know how to use these safely, how to charge them correctly, and how to dispose of them properly. Stay away from the all-in-one tank-built-into-the-device types of mods…those are seriously for advanced users who KNOW how to build their heating element from its component parts.
Get a variable voltage or variable wattage device. The amount of voltage and wattage used to heat your liquid determines how much vapor the device produces, affects the flavor of the liquid you’re vaping, determines the density of the vapor, the temperature of the vapor, and must work in concert with the electrical resistance (ohms) of the heating element. The key here is that you can adjust the voltage or wattage until you find the right spot for you.
Seriously, voltage? Wattage? Stimpy, what does this MMMMEEEEAAAAANNNNN!?!!?!?
I’m no electrician, so I’m not going to get into all of the edumacated stuff. Here is what you need to know from one layman to another. The difference between voltage and wattage when it comes to devices really boils down to how the battery acts as the charge is drained.
With variable voltage devices a fully charged battery starts out at roughly 4.0-4.2 volts max. As you use it the voltage drops, and so does the amount of power going to the heating element. As you vape and the battery drops below 3.8 volts you will then need to increase the voltage used on your variable volt device to continue vaping in that sweet, sweet spot that you love so much, until the battery is done, which is around 3.3 volts.
Now with variable wattage devices we get consistency. The super magical micro-chip processor doohickey inside the devices maintains the same level of power going to your heating element regardless of how much power has drained from your battery. That sweet spot you crave keeps hitting the same whether your battery is at 4.2, 3.8, or 3.3 volts.


All in all

That is about the most basic we can get for you in terms of choosing an ecig. Yeah, we have some peeps for you to check out, a few websites to peruse, all safe for work, and that brings me up to my most important piece of advice of all when it comes to choosing your first ecig….

Please, please, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, do research on the company you are buying from. Make sure they provide a warranty for their devices, batteries, and chargers, and that they get good customer service reviews for honoring those warranties. Usually they are 1 year manufacturer warranties that don’t cover physical damage or liquid damage, and please don’t abuse your device or try to cheat them. 99% of these guys are very small, privately owned companies, and they are doing their best to share their passion with you. Don’t abuse that. These are electrical devices. You don’t use your new HD TV to open beer bottles or hammer things, or drop it and expect the store to exchange, so treat your new ecig the same way…as a precision made electronic device that has a very specific function…to take away your bad breath and your bad smoke monster odor, to improve your taste buds and help keep money in your wallet, and to improve your quality of life.
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