LavaTube v.2.5 Review

LavaTube v. 2.5 review

LAVATUBE Version 2 - Group Shot


Volcano has finally joined the rest of the vaping community with a variable wattage device. Now for those of you rocking a Vamo or an eVic or a dozen other different devices this is nothing new. So why get a LavaTube v 2.5 from Volcano?


The same reason you get other stuff from Volcano, awesome customer service and a great warranty. Like all of their other devices, you get a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty that covers if the device doesn’t work right. This doesn’t cover any physical damage, say from dropping it, over-tightening the cartos or DCTs on it, using it as a hammer or bottle opener (yes, it has happened), and it doesn’t cover any water damage, which includes flooding your heating element and not cleaning out the liquid which can seep into the battery compartment and damage the internal circuitry.


The LavaTube v. 2.5 is more proof how much Volcano listens to their customers. They took a lot of input from their advanced customers in making the changes to this device. Aside from having all the features the LTv2 had, battery voltage check, heating element resistance check (ohms), it now sports a variable wattage feature as well as your choice of running the device in either Average Voltage or vRMS. For the masses, I don’t mean to be condescending to you, but understanding the difference between Average Voltage and vRMS makes my eyes gloss over, turns my brain mushy, and then I start to drool uncontrollably as my brain reboots.


For the beginner, run the device in vRMS mode. Your battery will last longer and the current running to your heating element will be more precise than in Average Voltage. Volcano has a downloadable PDF that explains how to switch between the 2 and also how to switch between variable voltage and variable wattage.


Volcano addressed several other known issues with the LTv2.5 that were causing malfunctions and so far this new PV has been working like a champ. The draw on the device is still a little tight for me as I like a bit more air flow, but some folks like that tight draw. The body itself has been polished so that all of the colors really pop now.


Once again, Volcano proves itself as an industry leader by putting customers first instead of just putting out any old new device like so many others. Just remember, if you are having problems with any of their products then go onto their forums, their video chats, call their customer service, or submit a customer service ticket, Volcano will take care of you!

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  1. ryan

    Not breaking the review but I had Volcano’s Lavatube (their first edition), before Vamo’s and such, back when vv’s were just breaking the dance floor. It worked better than the vamo in my lap. Though broke at the beach after replacement I decided it wasn’t their responsibility. I was going to get the v2 but now they have a 2.5 so yeah

    • VaporGeisha

      Yeah, the Chrome LTv1 was pretty sweet, especially for a vv. Not the BMW of vv at the time, like the ProVari, but the Volcano LavaTube v.1 was a very solid device. I actually still rock mine from time to time.

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