If you are just starting out, eCig-onomics is geared to answer any of your questions that is eCig related.

  • What’s in e-Liquid or e-Juice anyhow??
  • Single Coil v.s. Dual Coil


What’s in e-Liquid or e-Juice anyhow??


There are 4 main ingredients in e-Liquid


1.  Water (H2O) The one thing besides oxygen that all living things need to survive

2.  Flavoring:  Comes in a myriad of selections.  Whatever your sense of taste, you could vape just about anything from fruit, candy, pina colada, mojitos, to even… *gasp! Bacon Flavor??!  Whaaat? Yup.



3.  PG (Propylene Glycol):  FDA approved (Food and Drug Administration) found in medicines, cosmetics, hand soap, toothpaste, other personal care products, etc.  It is a thinner and usually tasteless liquid which is the substance that gives you that “throat hit” and stimulates the feel of smoking in electronic cigarettes.




     VG (Vegetable Glycerin):  Found in desserts such as cakes and frosting.  Natural component of all fats and oils.  The viscosity is usually thick and is naturally sweet.  This ingredient is what produces large clouds of luscious vapor.


*In my experience, having a combination of 50%PG/50%VG is the best option.  If you are experiencing a scratchy sensation in your throat switch to a mostly or all VG liquid


4.  Nicotine (or no nicotine):  Synthetic nicotine derives from natural sources other than tobacco.  Many people mistakenly think nicotine is the substance in tobacco that causes cancer -The American Cancer Society.  Whatever amount you wish, most places sell e-Liquid in (Lights: 0mg, 6mg, 12mg), (Regular: 16mg, 18mg), (Strong: 24mg, 36mg or higher).  Also, when refilling your cartomizers, atomizers, etc. try not to get your e-liquid on your hands as you can absorb nicotine through your skin.  In case this happens, wash your hands right away.  Like the patch, you don’t smoke real cigarettes with the patch on or you could get nicotine poisoning.  Same concept.  Furthermore, please keep your e-liquid stored in a cool dry place away from children and pets and in child-proof bottles.


*Throat hit also depends on how many mg of nicotine you select and what kind of device you are using it with (higher voltage, lower resistance, etc.)  Flavor also seems to taste stronger with the less nicotine you have.  If at some point you feel like you need to smoke a real cigarette even after vaping, you might have to increase your nicotine level to a higher dosage to feel satisfied.  Since making the switch to electronic cigarettes, the urge to smoke a real cigarette never crossed my mind.  I have been content vaping between 12-18mg of nicotine.

You want to think of eLiquid or eJuice something like a fine wine.  It improves with a little bit of age!  Lots of companies make their eLiquids made to order to ensure its freshness.  So in case your liquid doesn’t taste up to par as soon as you get it, “steeping” it might help a lot.  All that means is just letting it sit in the bottle a couple extra days before use.

Also, try to keep in mind that there is a shelf life for ALL eLiquids.  Typically 6 months to a year.  You can tell its expired because eventually your eLiquid will have absolutely no taste!  You may also refrigerate your eLiquids to make it last longer.  So don’t be like me and buy a ton of 30ml bottles of all kinds of flavored eLiquids only to throw half of it away because I just didn’t have time to vape it all or because I forgot I had it.  I personally think its great to have variety on hand, but I also don’t like feeling like I wasted my money either.


Best Places for E-Liquid



Highbrow Vapor

Mad Vapes

Mom and Pop Vapor Shop

The Halo Company

Vape Dudes

Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarettes





Okay, by now you may have guessed I’m no electrician, or technician, or electrical designer, or anything like that, so my explanation of the difference between single and dual coil heating elements will be more about my experiences rather than actual science.

Single coils…as the name implies its one coil, common in regular atomizers and in cartomizers. Available in a wide array of resistance settings, these are great for the smaller batteries rarely seen in use today commonly referred to as 510 batteries (these are the guys that look like the old analog cigarettes we used to smoke). As a matter of fact, these are the only types of heating elements you should use on a 510 battery, and even then it’s recommended that you stay between 2 and 3 ohms. You can find them in lower resistance ratings, such as 1.25 ohms, or higher ratings, such as 5 or even 6 ohms, but at that point you are using it on some sort of variable
voltage/wattage device.

These guys work great, provide good flavor, vapor, and throat hit, and were the building blocks for virtually every device out there now, so respect the single coil!

Dual coil. Now I can get a little more technical, and I mean A LITTLE. As the name implies there are 2 coils in the heating element (I feel so duh saying that). Here is where it gets a little counter intuitive. With a single coil, if the wick is at 2 ohms then you set your variable device to Vape your liquid with a 2 ohm element. Now if the element is built with 2 coils at 2 ohms then math, logic, and our fundamental understanding of the universe would dictate that you have to set your device to Vape at 4 ohms.

Based on my experience, you wouldn’t be completely wrong…sort of. A 1.5 ohm, dual coil cartomizer actually has 2 coils at 3 ohms each.

Go ahead and read that again, I’ll wait.

Yeah, a dual coil element will have a resistance rating of half the resistance of one
of the coils. I know, very counter intuitive, destroys all you know about math, and makes you realize you know nothing of the mysteries of the universe. Sort of.

I won’t go into the weird world of math and physics and quantum physics that is involved with electricity. I don’t know any of it. You don’t need to know it either.

What you do need to know is that a) you don’t want to use these on 510 batteries and b) the best way to figure out if it’s right for you is to buy one and try it.

These guys draw too much amperage to be good for 510 batteries. It’ll work awesome for awhile, provided the element is a low resistance one, but it will short your battery out. It may work for a week or two, maybe longer, but you will kill that battery before it was meant to die.

Some of you may be stuck on that whole “you’re only sorta wrong” thing. Here is the deal. Voltage or wattage you’ll need to run your device at a higher setting when you start getting into 2 ohm resistance ratings or greater. I can’t think of any way to explain it without causing more confusion, but here goes…

A dual coil, 3 ohm cartomizer is made up of two 6 ohm coils. For optimum vapor production you will need to run your variable voltage at 6 volts. Easiest method for all of this is to just try it and play around with it till you find a setting you like.
Opinions differ on whether or not you get better vapor, flavor, and throat hit from single coil or dual coil elements. Like everything else in this crazy industry the only way to find out what works best is to try it. If you have a variable device then you have more options. If you have an ego style battery then don’t go too high on the dual coil resistance. Also, the dual coil elements will drain your battery faster.

And there you have it.  Hopefully I haven’t confused you even more. If there is something you want to try then poke around, find someone who offers a good product, and play with it. Experience is the best teacher.